MS Outlook Deleted Email Recovery

Electronic Mail or most commonly known as email is one of the finest methods to transmit digital messages to different people with ease. But, problem with this methodology is that every time we intend to send or checkout any of the emails Login is required. The best solution to such cumbersome procedure is making use of MS Outlook which not only just allows users to manage emails, but also permits performing several other tasks such as creating appointments, managing contacts, calendar items, etc. Sometimes such useful contents of MS Outlook get missing from saved memory space area. If you are in similar situation and don’t know what to do then make use of Undelete Email software to reclaim each of the missing attributes of MS Outlook in few simple clicks.


  • Undelete Email has one of the simplest GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • This application recover deleted emails from different Outlook versions such as Outlook 2010, 2013, 2007, 2003, and 2000
  • Undelete Email permits recovery of deleted emails from Password protected Outlook PST file as well
  • Undelete Email is highly recommended by different industrial experts

There are several reasons that cause deletion of emails from MS Outlook; a few of them are detailed as follows:

Implementation of Shift Delete: We usually use Shift Delete command to get rid of useless elements from Outlook PST file with ease. If such useful command is applied on some of the important emails unintentionally then there is no manual way to recover those emails.  If you got into this kind of problem and are looking for how to get deleted emails back from outlook 2010, then opt for this user friendly software.

Usage of Empty Folder on Deleted Items Folder: Each of the Outlook PST file has a maximum size limit, after which PST file gets damaged. The best way to deal with such problem is to delete some of the useless emails on regular basis. However, just deleting useless email doesn’t mean that they are erased forever, you need to empty Deleted Items folder as well. However, if you delete some of the important emails and later apply Empty Folder, then need for tool like Undelete Email arises.

Deletion due to Third Party Software: Some of the software’s on computer have accessibility to make some kind of modification on saved files. One of such program is antivirus that can delete any of the virus infected file. If such program finds some of the emails infected by virus then it would delete them immediately for better functioning of system.

Inappropriate Setting Change: Sometime while toying with the settings of Outlook if we accidentally click upon “Empty Deleted Items folder before exit” option, then in future every time we exit Deleted Item folder would automatically get cleaned up. Therefore, in case if we delete some of the emails arbitrarily and forget to recover them from Deleted Items folder before exiting then they are lost forever.

Emails that are present on Outlook PST file can get inaccessible because of Outlook PST File Corruption. A few of the reasons for PST file corruption are:

Improper Closing: When Outlook PST file gets closed in an abrupt way, then there is a great possibility that header of PST file may get corrupted. PST file can get closed in an improper way because of different reasons, such hardware failure, power surge, software conflict, etc. As any of these instant happen each of the emails that are present on PST file get unreachable.

Virus Attack: Viruses are very dangerous programs that can make some unwilling changes in the file. If such malicious program leaves impact on PST file then each of the attribute of PST file would get unreachable.

Improper Recovery: Many a time we accidentally lose entire PST file due to different reasons. To get back such missing PST file we make use of recovery software. However, if the recovery software isn’t good enough then it is possible that PST file which we get after recovery is corrupted.

Other Reasons: There are different other reasons that causes corruption of PST file such as oversizing issue, freezing of PST file, error while using over network, etc. In each of these pitiful situations simply make use of Undelete Email software to reclaim each of your unreachable emails.

Do’s & Don’ts after emails get missing:

  • Once your emails get deleted from PST file minimize its usage
  • Never make use of unreliable email recovery software, because it may even corrupt your original PST file as well

Why Opt for this Software:

  • Undelete Email software is available free for trial
  • This is just read only software i.e. it just reads original PST file and delivers the required output
  • Undelete Email is much better than Outlook Inbox Repair (Scanpst.exe)
  • Undelete Email is safe, easy and secure to use
  • Undelete Email requires nominal memory space for installation

Undelete Email permits users to have real time preview of the recovered items by usage of Outlook style browser view. This software is also compatible enough to deal with question like “how to restore deleted archived emails in outlook 2007”. Some of the other items which can be restored by implementation of this software are folders, contacts, calendar items, meeting requests, appointments, tasks, journals, RSS feeds, and notes. If you are unable to find exact location of your PST file, then this software scans hard drive for PST file and provides the PST file in seconds. Undelete Email allows its consumers to recover emails from PST file that is highly encrypted or compressed. If needed you can avail for the technical support, which is available 24 X 7. Besides all this features it can also be used to undelete email distribution list from outlook 2010.

Easy steps to use Undelete Email:

Step 1: First of all download and install this Undelete Email software on your computer. After launching this tool a Home Screen will pop up with 3 options "Open PST File" or "Find PST File" or "Select Outlook Profile". Choose appropriate option from this screen.

Undelete Email - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Select your PST file using "Browse" button and click "Next" to start repair.

Undelete Email - Select PST File

Figure 2:Select PST File

Step 3: When the scanning process of original PST file is completed, it displays a message regarding how many attributes of PST file are recovered.

Undelete Email - Recovery Results

Figure 3: Recovery Results